Financial Independence Planning

Financial independence can be sought through deliberate sound planning and does not happen by chance. Your trusted advisor will guide you in making informed decisions, helping you take control of your finances by creating investment and insurance strategies compatible with your prioritized objectives.  We provide the intellectual resource and ongoing coaching that is often necessary to bring clarity to your financial goals and the experience to help you make them your reality.

Retirement Planning

A successful retirement plan should be designed to closely mirror retirement goals and desired lifestyle.  Assets from employer pension plans, IRAs, and personal investments require a directed retirement plan to assess the delicate balance of risk, time, and investment necessary to help pursue your retirement goals.  Collectively, we determine how this will fit into your overall retirement investment portfolio and estate plan to help make sure it is there for your lifetime and beyond.  A trusted advisor will direct your retirement plan to help you along the way to making smart choices about your money.  As you move into your retirement years, your trusted advisor will guide you through proprietary retirement income distribution strategies designed to help preserve your portfolio during times of extreme market volatility.

The Five Critical Questions your Retirement Plan Blueprint will answer:

  • How long will your saving and investments need to last?
  • What percentage of your assets can be withdrawn each year?
  • How much will income need to increase over the span of your retirement?
  • How should you invest your assets once you retire?
  • How much will be needed to take care of health care costs during retirement?
  1. Longevity Question:
  2. Withdrawal Question:
  3. Inflation Question:
  4. Asset Allocation Question:
  5. Health Care Question:


Business Succession Planning

Planning for succession is a tactical exit strategy for the business owner and is a part of a comprehensive retirement plan.  Succession is developing and implementing a plan that addresses the death, disability, or retirement of its owners.  All owners will leave the business either intentionally by selling or retirement, or unintentionally by disability or death.  A Business Succession Plan provides a smooth transition to the next generation of owners, so that the business continues operating successfully and provides the business owner and family full value of the business worth, which, in many situations, may be the most valuable asset.  Realizing its full value is the main focus.

Family Estate Preservation Planning

The goal for a well-crafted estate plan is to preserve family wealth for your heirs and charities that have brought value into your family and community.  Working with both a trusted advisor and a qualified estate-planning attorney together, can create a sound estate plan that will entitle you to control the distribution of your assets, designate individuals or financial institutions to manage your personal and financial affairs, and potentially reduce estate settlement costs.  The primary objective of family estate preservation planning is to reduce or eliminate estate taxes at the distribution of your estate.

  • May determine the appropriate level of inheritance for each heir.
  • May transfer your estate at death without court imposed probate fees.
  • May minimize and eliminate estate taxes.
  • May increase the net amount your heirs will receive at your death.
  • May include your favorite charity in your estate plan.
  • May receive an immediate income tax reduction.
  • May realign your investment portfolio without capital gains taxes on highly appreciated assets.
  • May increase your income on highly appreciated low or no income producing assets.