Step 1: Discovery

Identify risk, goals and objectives. By understanding your unique history we identify personal, professional, and financial goals that forms the foundation for your financial plans. 

Step 2: Plan

Putting your plan in writing by a disciplined four step procedure. 

  • Plan designed from the discovery process:
  • Make adjustments to plan design:
  • Finalize your customized plan:
  • Make specific plan recommendations:

Step 3: Strategies development

Design recommended strategies for financial plan, investment, insurance, taxes, retirement. social security, estate plan and business succession. 

Step 4: Implementation

Our advisory and administrative team will handle the complexity that may involve:

  • Underwriting of life insurance and disability policies
  • Social Security and pension plan claiming strategies
  • Setting up retirement accounts for individuals, business and non-profit organizations
  • Make sure that all accounts are compliant with regulatory agencies meeting fiduciary standards
  • Repositioning and/or reallocation of investment portfolios reflecting your goals and risk profile
  • Coordination of  the signing of legal documents prepared by a qualified attorney
  • Interfacing with tax professionals to make sure your planning is tax efficient

Step 5: Monitor

We monitor your plan. We have a disciplined process in holding both ourselves and you accountable and in line with your goals, making necessary adjustments as needed to make sure that the strategies implemented are continuing to pursue the goals of your financial, estate, legacy and business plans. 

Step 6: Communicate

We communicate in an ongoing, predetermined and periodic basis. This communication process is determined by your planning needs and your advisor. The process serves as an ongoing review of your financial plans, portfolio performance, life insurance, business plan and estate plan to make sure it is positioned for your goals and objectives, making any modifications necessary to manage change in the life of your family or business.