Important News from Capital Resource Management

Kurt Spackman |
Do you remember how you felt on March 17, 2020?
That is the day the Bay Area imposed “stay-at-home” orders. It was the first lockdown in the country, and San Francisco became a ghost town. None of us had ever seen a major American city shut down before. For me, at least, it was an eerie sight. Thinking back to those images reminds me of how uncertain the future looked at that time. The world had entered uncharted waters.
Maybe the day before—March 16, 2020—comes to mind more readily for you. That is the day the Dow fell almost 3,000 points—the biggest one-day drop ever. The economic uncertainty rivaled the financial crisis of 2007-2008.
I communicated with most of you at that time. Through phone calls, emails, and virtual meetings, we discussed your questions and concerns. We adjusted strategies where it made sense. Here at Capital Resource Management, we knew how vital it was to stay by your side—even if virtually. In the months since then, the world has been on a roller-coaster ride. Our commitment to personal service has been steady, though, and I want to thank you for the trust you have placed in us.
There has been a silver lining to what we have been through the past eighteen months. It has deepened my confidence in CRM’s ability to provide personalized service under any conditions. I hope you feel the same way.
Some of you live far from southern California and have met with me remotely for many years by phone, email, and other means. Now, as a result of the pandemic, necessity has lead almost all of us to see the value of virtual communications—whether for financial planning or Sunday worship. Most of you have used one or more of the range of new financial tools we have introduced:
  • Our virtual meeting platform, GoToMeeting, allows me to meet with you “face-to-face” wherever you are.
  • Our Client Portal provides a better, more secure way to send important documents back and forth.
  • Our recently updated website offers many new and useful financial tools, like our Social Security Income Calculator or Tax Refund Estimator.
For many of you, in fact, what began as a necessity has become a valuable convenience. I know many of you now find meeting by phone or through GoToMeeting the easiest way for us to stay in touch. We are all adjusting to both the challenges and opportunities of a new reality.
That is why, after much consideration, we have decided to move to a new, smaller office. We know some of you still prefer to meet with us in person. We will happily continue to meet "the old-fashioned way,” and we look forward to those opportunities. Knowing, however, that many of you now prefer electronic communications, moving to a smaller, more centralized space makes the most sense. Rest assured, there will be no changes in the frequency of our communication with you. We will still be accessible and available to answer your questions and help wherever and whenever you need us. We are committed to being as responsive as ever.
You can expect updates on this process through our monthly newsletter and occasional emails. As soon as our arrangements are finalized, we will let you know our new address. Our current office will remain open until December 31. Beginning on November 1, though, please give us a call before coming in, since Annette, Kathie, and I will be practicing a primarily remote work routine.
I want to take this opportunity to say that we take great pride and pleasure in serving you in every way we can to meet your financial planning needs, and we expect that to continue. In fact, I believe these changes before us will be an opportunity to enhance our services and deepen our relationship with you. I welcome your feedback, especially if we are not meeting your expectations.
Again, thank you for trusting Capital Resource Management to watch over your financial resources. As always, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to meet your individual needs. If you would like to talk with me about our move or anything else, please call anytime.
Kurt Spackman